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Stephanie moves the needle for executive leaders who want to see their redemptive vision fulfilled

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Stephanie Harbour meets with an executive coaching client at a conference table.

Executive Coaching and what it means for you.


As your company scales, the stakes increase. The vision has to be communicated. The execution must be seamless. Capital decisions are critical. And you find yourself thinking: I don't know what I'm doing.
Maybe it looks like your company is thriving. But from the inside, it’s complicated. The pressure you feel can be overwhelming. You know this secret: the CEO role is one of the most isolating places in leadership.

Who is in your corner? You want an advisor on strategic questions. You need help navigating team relationships. And you also desire a trusted place to process stress and doubts. This is exactly where Stephanie comes in to move the needle.


The world is overflowing with leadership resources. But what makes sense for you, your company, and your team? You need wisdom to sift through what others have done. It takes courage to chart a path that aligns with your own definition of success.

When you step into coaching with Stephanie, you will find a partner to help you discern what to do, when and how to do it, and to take on your specific challenges through a highly personalized lens. Topics that Stephanie often discusses with clients include:


Leading Through Rapid Growth

  • Scaling your vision while maintaining alignment
  • Why, how, and when to grow your executive team
  • Managing investors and developing a healthy board
  • Evolving company culture

Managing Relationships

  • Team growth at different organizational stages
  • Transparency vs. vulnerability
  • Developing a culture of feedback
  • Creating psychological safety

Communicating Clearly

  • CEO-level communication
  • Shaping your company messaging
  • Cascading information
  • Communicating challenging news

Prioritization and Decision Making

  • Naming what matters
  • Improving decision-making
  • Speed and pacing for your team
  • Doing vs. delegating

Personal Development

  • Defining success
  • Flourishing at home and at work
  • Leading with your faith
  • Increasing self awareness
  • 01


    • Transitioning from manager to leader
    • Scaling your vision
    • When, how, and why to hire new executive team members
    • Evolving company culture
    • Increasing self-awareness
  • 02


    • Transitioning from manager to leader
    • Scaling your vision
    • When, how, and why to hire new executive team members
    • Evolving company culture
    • Increasing self-awareness
  • 03


    • Transitioning from manager to leader
    • Scaling your vision
    • When, how, and why to hire new executive team members
    • Evolving company culture
    • Increasing self-awareness
  • 04


    • Transitioning from manager to leader
    • Scaling your vision
    • When, how, and why to hire new executive team members
    • Evolving company culture
    • Increasing self-awareness
  • 05


    • Transitioning from manager to leader
    • Scaling your vision
    • When, how, and why to hire new executive team members
    • Evolving company culture
    • Increasing self-awareness

Words from our clients

"Stephanie has been such a critical piece of my ability to process and prioritize. She provides the thinking space to gain perspective, the coaching to help me prioritize, and the frameworks to immediately apply towards my goals. Especially during my Series A fundraising process, Stephanie was a key processing partner who helped me focus on what matters. I'm so grateful to have her on my speed dial!"

CEO, healthcare tech company

“Stephanie is an incredibly important coach - and friend - to me. She is an amazing listener and is able to synthesize and articulate my challenges and opportunities quickly and clearly. Stephanie challenges me in a way that increases both clarity and priority. The changes (improvements) in my leadership methods, our organizational alignment, and our overall business results are profound. Most importantly, I am healthier emotionally and spiritually as a result of her regular counsel."

CEO, industrial services company

“Stephanie's business coaching expertise, intuition, personable nature, and strategic approach make her an exceptional advisor. Her wisdom has helped me grow as a leader, and I enthusiastically recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

CEO, investment company

“I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and Stephanie has a rare blend of business IQ and EQ that helps me see through the fog of crisis, conflict or change and end up with an actionable set of tactics to move my business forward and myself as a leader. Stephanie knows the questions to ask to help me find my own answers but uniquely she also knows when she has the answer and shares that with wisdom and tact. As a solopreneur she has brought a great level of support and accountability to help me progress as a leader."

CEO, hospitality venture

“Working with Stephanie pulled me out of my head and into meaningful action in the face of a series of business challenges. I respected that she was a CEO before she was a coach, so she knew not only how to help me with mindset work, but also how to advise on the practicals of the business. I always looked forward to our meetings knowing I would find the support, relief and clarity that I needed."

President, retail venture

“Stephanie has an ability to think strategically, get to the heart of an issue quickly, and guide me toward next steps in a way that I have never before experienced. She synthesizes information faster than anyone I know. She has a huge amount of resources at her fingertips that she can deploy depending on whatever challenge I am facing. I would not be where I am today as a leader without her expertise."

CEO, consumer products company

"Stephanie is my most trusted advisor and counselor, full stop. She is an incredible executive coach. She has been inside board rooms as a board chair herself, she knows the right questions to ask, and she knows where I can do better as a leader and how to get me there. She is respected and trusted in every single conversation that I pull her into."

CEO, non-profit organization

Stephanie Harbour wearing a dark blazer.


Over the past decade, Stephanie has become a trustworthy advisor as an Executive Coach to CEOs and Founders. She works across a wide variety of industries, with a particular emphasis on venture-backed technology companies, growth stage organizations, and privately held ventures. She brings years of experience as an advisor, investor, operator, and entrepreneur to this work. She is passionate about the intersection of wisdom and excellence, pursuing servant leadership in the C-suite, and challenging the world’s definition of success.

"After earning her Economics degree from Princeton University, Stephanie jumped into Wall Street to begin her career.”

After earning her Economics degree from Princeton University and graduating magna cum laude, Stephanie jumped into Wall Street to begin her career in Investment Banking. She worked at UBS in the Consumer Products and Retail Group, advising clients on mergers, acquisitions, and corporate strategy. She was also one of the founding employees at Centerview Partners, now the leading independent investment banking and advisory firm on Wall Street. In this role, she worked closely with C-level leaders at companies including PepsiCo, Avon, Hershey, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Stephanie transitioned from Wall Street to become an business owner and investor. She ran a venture focused on executive-level search, and co-founded a retail company that today has 30 locations across the country. In addition, she is an investor in numerous early-stage companies across industries and geographies.

Stephanie now focuses her efforts as an Executive Coach. Her clients are incredible leaders who want to push themselves and their organizations to grow even further. She also works with CEOs facing challenges and roadblocks they no longer feel equipped to address. She combines a deep understanding of business fundamentals with an ability to identify the interpersonal dynamics that are at the heart of any leadership challenge. She is able to diagnose the essence of a situation quickly and ask questions to drive answers and action. Her coaching is consultative, inquisitive, sometimes directive, and results-driven.

Beyond her regular day-to-day coaching, Stephanie serves as an advisor to multiple non-profit organizations, as a mentor with Praxis, and has been in leadership at her local church. Her work as an Executive Coach is motivated by a gospel-centered worldview. Stephanie lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and three sons. When not working with her clients, she can typically be found on the sidelines of the sports field cheering on her boys.

Stephanie Harbour smiles charmingly.



What does it look like to work with Stephanie as an Executive Coach?

Stephanie interviews any potential client multiple times and has a reputation for being extremely selective with whom she agrees to coach. Once she begins a relationship, you have her dedicated attention and focus. A typical client engagement will last multiple years and beyond – which is why she takes that client/coach fit so seriously. Her goal is to become an expert in you. She does not use a curriculum or specific framework for every client. Of course, there is pattern recognition in this work, and she draws from leading research, constructs, readers, writers, and thinkers. But every CEO that she works with is too different, facing singular hurdles, and uniquely wired for her to treat this work as a one-size-fits-all. Stephanie's conversations are often incredibly personal and always confidential.

What is the cadence of sessions?

Stephanie meets most clients every two weeks, with the goal of moving to once a month and then quarterly over time. For clients in Dallas and within a short drive, Stephanie will meet in person in her office. For all other clients, she will meet over video or phone.

What are the fees?

Coaching fees vary depending on a client’s exact needs, but high quality coaching is a significant financial investment. You can contact Stephanie directly for more information. Stephanie does work at reduced rates with two non-profit clients at a time. Those slots are filled through 2024.

Am I a good fit as a client?

If you are a CEO running a large company ($100M+), or a CEO or Founder of a venture that has achieved product/market fit and has raised Series A capital or beyond, then yes! Stephanie does not work with founders pre-funding, or those that have a team size smaller than 15 employees. Stephanie focuses on clients who are navigating rapid growth, or facing leadership challenges they no longer feel equipped to handle. She particularly loves working parent CEOs who are growing businesses and families at the same time.

Does Stephanie work with leaders who are not CEOs or Founders?

Rarely. Stephanie's priority is working 1:1 with CEOs and Founders. From time to time, she will coach other C-level members of an Executive Team, particularly if she is already working with the CEO of that company. She does not coach below the C-level.

Can I work with Stephanie?

As of Spring 2024, Stephanie's coaching roster is full. However, she does keep an active waitlist, and when a client rolls off, she will onboard a new one. If you would like to be considered for the waitlist, please send a short email with your name, venture, how you found Stephanie, and why you think her coaching might be a fit for your needs. She will always respond promptly.